Dimplex Danville Opti-myst Electric Fire


  • Inset fire with unique Opti-myst®smoke and flame effect
  • Fully variable flame and smoke intensity control
  • Silent flame and smoke effect operation
  • 2kW fan heater with choice of two heat settings
  • Thermostat
  • Remote control
  • Quick-fit IEC (kettle-type) connection
  • Inset depth of just 65mm
  • Optional spacer (OSP002) available at extra cost allows use flat-to-wall
  • Opti-myst effect can be used independently of heat
  • Product Features

    Fan heater

    Choice of heat setting


    Remote Control

    Fitted plug

    Opti-myst® effect can be used independently of heat

    Flame Fuel Effect

    Opti-myst® coal effect


    DNV20AB – antique brass effect

    DNV20BL – black effect

    DNV20BR – brass effect

    DNV20CH – chrome effect

    Technical Details

    Style – Inset

    Output – 2.0kW

    Power consumption effect – 212 Watts


    Height – 620mm

    Width – 520mm

    Total depth – 231mm

    Depth of inset – 65mm