Ekofires 3080/81 Inset Gas Fire


Beautiful hand polished cast fascia in satin chrome finish or black. An eclectic mix of classical design features from period fireplaces that transcend the fashions of time.

This beautiful fire is built on the best selling full depth radiant platform and is available in manual control as the eko 3080.

The decorative solid cast iron fascia is simplicity and elegance at is best. It is a design that is equally at home in modern and traditional interiors.

The eko 3080 full depth radiant firebox creates a lively and realistic flame picture with powerful glow radiating out from the heart of the fuelbed. The firebox is also lined with reversible ceramic panels, which help to increase the efficiency. Both models also feature as standard our decorative log fuelbed to complement the solid fuel inserts and grates typically found in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

All of our gas fires incorporate two safety features; an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) and Flame Failure Device (FFD) which detect and cut of the gas supply for complete safety and piece of mind.

For homes without a chimney or flue a powaflue version, eko 3081 with rotary control, is available (coal or pebble fuelbed only).




    Minimum Room Size

    Fire Type Full Depth Radiant
    Chimney/Flue Requirements Conventional chimney
    Pre-fabricated flue (min.5")
    Efficiency 55%
    Control Type Manual control / Remote control
    Heat Input (Max/Min) Gross 6.8kw/3.5kw
    Heat Output (Max/Min) Gross 3.8kw/1.9kw
    Running Costs Per Hour (Max/Min)* 29.04p/14.95p
    Outline Dimensions** W485 X H596 X D180 (MM)
    Air Vent Required N/A
    Safety Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)
    Flame Failure Device (FFD)
    Options Coal, Log and Pebble
    Satin Chrome Or Black Cast Effect Frame
    Remote Control
    Fingerslide Control (3085)
    Powaflue (3081)
    * Price based on 4.27p/kWh. Gas prices may vary. Please check with your supplier.

    ** Please refer to Technical specification for more product information.