Riva2 1050 Edge Gas Fire

For a clean, simple, ‘hole-in-the-wall’ look, the frameless Edge version of the Riva2 1050 gas fire makes an ideal choice for your home. It also offers you all the ambience of a log-effect fire with the effortless ease of gas – especially with a remote control that takes care of everything from ignition to thermostatic regulation of heat output.
The Riva2 1050 is a highly efficient gas fire too, with radiant heat being emitted from an extensive glass window and convected warmth flowing into the room through high level grilles in the sides of the chimney breast.
The frameless look allows you to create a more minimalist décor, choosing tiles or wall colours and finishes to maximise the overall impression of dimension and space. Gazco offers a range of fireplace surround packages to go with the Riva2 Edge gas fires.
The Riva2 Edge gas fire is available as a balanced flue fire only. However, the Riva2 Edge gas fire can be installed into a conventional chimney by using the optional Riva2 renovation kit.