Woodwarm Fireview 5KW Slender

These British made Woodwarm stoves feature an excellent superheated air wash system to ensure the best possible clean burning efficiency, which also helps to keep the glass really clear. 

The Fireview “Slender” range feature a large glass door and are available in a choice of 5, 7, 10 or 14kW outputs with the option of a flat top or low canopy. Add in boilers options are available.

These stoves are designed to give a big stove look with the advantage of a lower output and are ideal for situations where the fireplace recess is shallow or in rooms where a high output is not needed.


The standard finish for all models is metallic black with stainless steel handles. However, there are a range of other Woodwarm colour options and brass handles.

The Fireview Slender 5kW is a stunning centrepiece to any room, this stove is based on our Fireview 6kW. It takes a 152mm flue with the versatility of either a profiled flat top, flat top or low curved canopy. The rear flue option is only on canopy. 

Height: 605mm | Width: 505mm | Depth: 302mm